Vera in vogue

The Classy Vera range of Aisen Coolers, are ideal choice for using in medium sized indoor areas. Vera Coolers are equipped with a powerful Air blower for ultra-high air throw. Inbuilt direct float gives continuous cooling comfort without the hassle of water refilling or overflow when conveniently attached to online water supply.

Motor Overheating Protection

Air Delivery

Openable Cooling Pad Panels

Motor Overheating Protection
In built thermal overheating protector to safeguard motor from burning.

Openable Cooling Pad Panels
Easily openable cooling Pad frames makes it convenient to clean the pads and remove dust and water deposits.

Float Valve
Continuous cooling comfort by maintaining adequate water level through online water supply connection.

Honeycomb Cooling Pads
High efficiency durable Cooling Media for odorless and maintenance free performance for many years.

Cooling Control
Convenient Cooling Control to use Cooler in dry as well as humid weather conditions.

  • Sturdy Design
  • Four Way Air Deflection
  • 50L Water Tank
  • 3 Speed Air Control
  • Cooling Control
  • Water Level Indicator