Aisen’s iconic Rapid Coolers

Aisen Rapid Air Coolers comes with heavy duty Motor for Powerful Air Delivery and amazingly low noise performance. You can enjoy seamless sleep under Rapid’s strong gush of air and uninterrupted Cooling with large water Tank capacity of 45L.

Float Valve

Four Way Air Deflection

Metal Fan

Honeycomb Cooling Pads
High efficiency durable Cooling Media for odorless and maintenance free performance for many years.

Noiseless Operations
Amazingly low noise level for peaceful environment. Its Modern Construction with latest technology allows operation in Silence.

Powerful air delivery
With motorized 3 Speed Air control, cooling large spaces in a short time will no longer be difficult for you. about timely refilling the air cooler.

Improved Mobility
Portable with sport castor wheels which can be shifted from room to room with ease.

Large Water Tank
The 45L water tank also displays the Water Level Indication reminding you about timely refilling the air cooler.

All specifications mentioned are under test conditions. Actual performance may vary depending on prevailing conditions. Due to continuous development, improvisation of products and printing limitations, actual product may differ in performance or appearance.

  • 3 Speed Air Control
  • 50L Water Tank
  • Water Level Indicator
  • Powerful Air Delivery
  • Openable Cooling Pad Panels
  • Cooling Control