Halogen Heater


800W Heater

Winter means cold. We can't refuse the winter coming, but we can choose Aisen Room heater that brings you a spring-like warmth and takes good care of those you love.

Superfast Heating: With Aisen Room heater, get instant heating in the room. It has a stylish and compact design with a power consumption capacity of not more than 1200 watts.

Safety to Over switch: The product also protects from overheating. Moreover, the product is equipped with Automatic Tip Over Protection features too.

Portable Design: The Heater is portable enough to carry. Its Mini Size, makes it easy to place in any room.

Wide Angle Oscillation

Instant Heating

Safety Tip Over Switch

Portable Design

Eco Friendly

ISI Assurance of Quality

  • 800W Power Consumption
  • Quartz Tubes Heating Medium
  • 2 Tubes
  • Designed for Low Power Consumption
  • 400/800W Heat Settings
  • Easy Handling
  • Safe Tip Over Switch
  • ISI Marked
  • 1Year Product Warranty
  • 230 Voltage