Continuous cooling comfort

Magna range of desert Air Coolers comes with higher water tank capacity of 75L and 85L for uninterrupted cooling comfort for long hours. Equipped with metal Fan blades, Magna by Aisen are ideal for extreme in weather conditions.

Castor Wheels

Large Water Tank

Float Valve

3 Speed Air Control

Water Level Indicator

4 Way Air Deflection

Honeycomb Cooling Pads

Powerful Air Delivery

Cooling Control

Improved Mobility
Portable with sport castor wheels simply drag the Air Cooler in the room you want to have the coolest Air.

Powerful Air delivery
With motorized Four Way Air Deflection, along with 3 speed air control, the Air Cooler cools larger spaces in shortest time period. Its powerful Dual blowers for stronger air throw keeps it ThandaThanda Cool Cool!

Sturdy Construction
Crafted and Constructed with highly effective wooden wool pads and Honeycomb Pads, it offers better evaporation of water, making coolers highly effective and less prone to clogging thus assuring longer life.

Model Magna55 Magna75 Magna90
Tank Capacity (Litre) 55 75 90
Average Air Delivery (M3/Hr) 4000 4000 4000
Cooling Area (M2) 70 70 70
Pump Submersible Submersible Submersible
Air Deflection 4 Way 4 Way 4 Way
Speed Control 3 3 3
Electronic Control Panel/Timer NA NA NA
Air Device Metal Fan (16) Metal Fan (16) Metal Fan (16)
Oveflow Outlet Yes Yes Yes
Drain Plug Yes Yes Yes
Cooling Pad Honey Comb Honey Comb Honey Comb
Water Level Indicator Yes Yes Yes
Portability Castor Wheels Castor Wheels Castor Wheels
Louver Control Vertical Motorized Vertical Motorized Vertical Motorized
Float Valve Yes Yes Yes
Ice Chamber Yes Yes Yes
Earthing Safety Yes Yes Yes
Power Consumption (Max) 190W 190W 190W
Product Dimension (W x D x H) in cm 61.0 x 41.0 x 110.0 61.0 x 41.0 x 117.0 61.0 x 41.0 x 121.0