Our designer and colourful range of energy efficient, indoor & semi-outdoor evaporative air coolers range comprises of -

Aisen’s iconic Rapid Coolers
With high power heavy duty motor for powerful air delivery and amazingly noiseless performance, Aisen’s iconic Rapid coolers are ideal for schools, covered outdoor areas, shops, hotels & restaurants, hospitals, living room, conference room and so on. It is ideal for any large area requiring immaculate cooling.
Double blowers for double power
The sleek and compact designed Prima range of portable coolers come packed with double blowers for seamless and power packed air delivery. Experience bliss with cool breeze while you work, rest, and chill out or just intend to beat summer heat. Ideal for medium sized offices, reception areas, bedrooms, living rooms and so on. Moreover, easy portability makes it ideal for usage in different areas of the work space or home.
Continuous cooling comfort with Aisen’s Magna
Magna range of desert air coolers comes with higher water tank capacity of 75 Litres & 85 Litres for uninterrupted cooling comfort for long hours. Equipped with metal fan blades, Magna air coolers by Aisen are ideally suited for usage in extreme weather conditions to provide continuous cooling comfort with contemporary and elegant aesthetics.
Ultra cooling with ultra Blaze Desert Cooler
Synonymous with its name Aisen’s Blaze Desert cooler is ideal to beat the high temperatures with its large water tank, sturdy body, large size honey comb cooling pads on three sides for seamless all round cooling both within indoor and semi-outdoor areas. Enjoy uninterrupted cooling for long hours.
Nano body, great cooling
Designed to cool your personal spaces, the Nano range has the looks, power and the functionality to match your requirements. So go on, enjoy the coolest comforts in your cocoon.
yuva plus
High performance, sleek and space saving Yuva
Enjoy cool air with high performance, sleek designed Yuva range of Aisen Air coolers. Its honey combed cooling pads and variable reservoir capacity, makes it a flexi-model with super features.
Vera in vogue
The impeccable Vera range is the ultimate choice of customers. With built-in super features, easy to use model and aesthetic features, it’s a win-win combo.
Exotic Vera for super cooling
Ideal for medium sized indoor areas, the Vera range of air coolers come packed with a powerful air blower for ultra-high air throw. With superlative features such as online water supply inlet and float valve protection, you can enjoy uninterrupted cooling without worrying about water overflowing.